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The halftone reproduction of a pulpit panel painting by D. G. Rossetti is in portrait orientation, facing the essay it illustrates on “The Stained Glass Windows and Decorative Paintings of the Church of St-Martins-on-the-Hill, Scarborough.” A winged figure or angel is looking down. The figure is depicted holding a white lily in their right hand and pointing the index finger of their left; the wings take up the top left corner of the page. The tops of the wings are painted lighter than the bottoms, grey instead of black. The angel has black hair extending past the shoulders and out of sight. The angel wears a long-sleeved dress or robe, the top half of which is clearly defined in grey. The bottom half of is black. Eight lilies are spread out on the bottom of the dress, contrasting the black clothing. The sky in the background is a light grey. Far in the background at the left edge of the picture behind the angel’s shoulder there is a wall with a curved top that extends up and out of sight behind the the angel. There is a narrow gap in the wall. This image is one of a pair of complementary painted panels depicting the scene of Mary’s Annunciation.