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The image displays an engraved coat of arms in the form of a heraldic shield resting on a tiered wooden mantle. The base tier is the tallest section and composed of tightly spaced horizontal lines. Engraved underneath the base of the mantle is a handle which extends to a point centred below the wooden base. The handle is ornately textured. The second tier of the mantle is the widest, but is only a third the height of the first tier. It is made out of vertical lines. The underside of the second tier is shaded in and it slopes inwards to the width of the first tier. The third tier is the same width as the first, but it is the shortest at about half the height of the second tier. It is composed of vertical lines. The fourth and final tier starts at the width of the third tier. Its sides curve inward to form the narrowest section of the mantle, and it is roughly the height of the second tier. It is composed of horizontal lines. Resting atop the mantle is a herraldic shield engraved with a coat of arms; above is a banner that reads: “CHATEAU ROYAL DE LA BASTILLE.” The coat of arms is made of a shield or escutcheon. The escutcheon is wreathed around the side and bottom edges with shrubbery and flowers of various sizes. The bottom section of the wreath is made of longer plants that curl up over the bottom edge of the face of the escutcheon. At the bottom of the escutcheon is the order of knighthood of the Chateau Royal de La Bastille. It is an ornate cross with a bird on its front, wings spread out to either side. Above is the chain of command, a necklace of shrubbery with a medallion at its bottom point, which rests directly above the order of knighthood. Above the chain of command is another wreath in an oval. White decorative pieces rest evenly spaced along the wreath; there is one directly above the chain of order’s medallion and the other six continue around the sides with three on each side. Atop the ovalular wreath rests the ornate coronation crown, the Crown of Charlemagne. In the middle of the wreath are three fleurs de lis. Two are beside each other in the top and the final one is below them in the middle. The escutcheon is textured with horizontal lines in this middle area, whereas the rest of the escutcheon is textured with vertical lines.