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The line-block reproduction of a pen-and-ink drawing by W. B. Macdougall is in portrait orientation and bordered by a double lined rectangular frame. The light line drawing depicts a woman facing forward, showing her face, hair, and neck. Her hair is made of thick wavy strands, framing her left jaw and crossing in front of her neck before curving around her right shoulder. The hair resting on her right shoulder ends in flower petals. The hair on the right side of her head curves up and around the back of her head flowing off into the top right corner of the image. Clustered in her hair around the crown of her head are garlands of four-leaf clovers or four-petaled flowers; there are a few more lower down in her hair as well. Her eyes are sketched via stippling and in this way stand out from the rest of the drawing which is linear. There is a signature at the bottom-right of the image: “WB Macdougall.” Beneath the name is the number 96 with a dot on the left and right sides.