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This half-tone reproduction of a pulpit panel painting by D.G. Rossetti is in portrait orientation, facing the essay it illustrates on “The Stained Glass Windows and Decorative Paintings of the Church of St-Martins-on-the-Hill, Scarborough.” The background is black with tracings of lilies. The main focus of the painting is a female figure, the Virgin Mary. She is seated in three quarters profile facing to the left. Her face and eyes are titled up. Her elbows are tucked against her sides and her hands extend down her lap, palms open upwards. An open book rests on her knees. Her head is covered by a sheer veil. She has a black cloak extending down her back and tied across her chest. She has a white long sleeve shirt on and a black skirt. Her cloak and skirt blend into the background in the bottom half of the page. Three white lilies protrude from the background behind her right shoulder. Two more white lilies are visible behind her back in the the top right corner of the image. This image is one of a pair of complementary painted panels depicting the scene of Mary’s Annunciation.