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This is a halftone reproduction of a water-colour drawing by William Blake for Dante’s Purgatory is in portrait orientation. The image shows three figures lying down on steps that jut out from the side of the rocky mountain on the left edge of the picture plane. The mountain rises up to the height of the image on the left, jutting out about halfway down the page with a series of curved steps made of the same light coloured rock as the mountain. The steps begin at the bottom edge and take up three-quarters of the image width. The steps rise up and to the right before turning back to the left as they travel around the curved edge of the mountain. The third step is where a nude figure lies with their back to the viewer. The figure has their legs outstretched to the left and their head is leaning on top of the right side of the step above. The figure has both arms lifted up to rest on the step above as well. On the fifth step up from the bottom is a second figure. This figure is lying in the opposite direction to the person below. The figure’s feet are outstretched towards the right side of the step and their head is on the left side of the step. The figure has their face turned to the viewer, and is wearing a loose and flowing robe. The figure has their right arm wrapped around the top of their head. The figure’s eyes are closed. One step up is the third and final figure. This figure is lying down with their head on the right side of the step and their feet outstretched towards the left. The figure is wearing a flowing robe. The figure is propped up on their left elbow, looking straight on at the viewer. The figure’s right arm rests along the right side of their body. On the sides of the stairs all the way up are long vines and leafy branches. The rocky vertical section of the mountain to the left of the stairs is plain apart from a small tree growing up the front, rooted in the top of the left stair rail. From the mid-point down to the bottom of the image on the right is a dark and wavy sea. The top right corner of the page is filled with the sky. In the centre top is a large circle that appears to represent the sun or celestial orb with figures in it. On the left half of the circle is a seated figure in profile facing to the right and on the right side is a figure seated on the ground looking to the distant right. Around the outside of the circle are long extending beams. There are four stars drawn below and to the right of the celestial orb. The sky in the background is shaded and makes it look like the scene is taking place in the night. On the front of the bottom step of the stairs is the text: “Pg Canto 27”.