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The unbordered lithograph by T R Way is in portrait orientation. The image shows the torso of a woman sitting in a wicker chair reading a book. The image is sketched lightly and the woman’s legs and surrounding area are not visible. The woman is turned to face slightly to the right, where there is the suggestion of a window. The woman’s body is leaned back into the chair. She is wearing a dark skirt and a plain white shirt with long and puffy sleeves that tighten around the forearm. The shirt has a high neckline. Her face is tilted down to look at the book which rests upon the left chair arm. Her right arm reaches across her body to support the book and her left arm is extended out below the book holding that side of it up. Her hair is wavy and tied back at the nape of her neck. Her eyes are hardly visible because her eyelids are mostly closed. Behind where she sits in the chair is a section of black shading to indicate a wall in the room. There are light outlines of a paned window in the background and top right of the page. The artist’s signature appears just to the left of the chair seat: “T. R. Way.” and in the below is the date: “95.”