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This cover design, in portrait orientation, combines letterpress with line-block reproduction of a pen-and-ink illustration by Bardsley. The entire image is bordered with a double-lined edge, with the top third separated from the imagery below with a similar border. The top third of the page is comprised of a text box with publishing information.The title text: “THE SAVOY” [caps] is centered in large display type. In the line below is the centered text: “AN ILLUSTRATED MONTHLY” [caps]. The line below has three groups of text aligned left, centre, and right, respectively: “No. 4 // August 1896 // Price 2/-”. The last line of text is just below and reads: “EDITED BY ARTHUR SYMONS” [caps]. The bottom two-thirds of the cover design contains the illustration. This image is divided into two parts straight down the middle by the appearance of a curtain suspended from the textbox of publishing information. On the left side is a tall ornamented pedestal table with three legs holding a large pyramind of grapes with three leaves. To the right of the pedestal is a woman standing in profile facing left, leaning, forward to smell the grapes. Her hands reach out to touch the grapes in front of her. She is wearing a loose, full-length dressing-gown with long sleeves, capped with a bow. The neckline appears to have a ruffle all the way around. Her hair is dark and wavy, and pulled together in a loose tie at the nape of her neck with a large bow. To her right is a dark gauzy curtain patterned with cross-hatching and intermittent polka dots. In the background of the pedestal, woman, and curtain there is a single line running across the bottom third of the page as a delineation between the floor and the wall, suggestive of a stage setting. Both the floor and wall are uncoloured. In the bottom left corner appears the artist’s name: “AUBREY BEARDSLEY.” [caps].