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The line-block reproduction of a pen-and-ink drawing by Joseph Pennell is in landscape orientation. The image shows a city square with a gathering of people facing a person standing up on a staircase. There is a darkness to the image because of the drawing style, which is comprised of a series of vertical and diagonal lines drawn in a hatching formation. On the left side of the image is a series of vaguely outlined buildings, which reach up to three-quarters the height of the page. Slightly to the right of the buildings is a clock tower with a tall pointed roof. To the right of the clock tower is a group of people standing, visible by their light and circular heads between dark vertical lines. The group is formed in a semi-circle and turned to face towards the right side of the image. In the background of the group is a row of buildings in a horizontal line across the top third of the page. The buildings have three floors with a window appearing at each floor height and consistently all the way across horizontally. The buildings are all conjoined and have a shared black roof. The semi-circle formation of people on the ground are lit by a tall street lamp with about six lights. The light is beside the steps that lead to the front of a building that takes up the height of the right side of the page. A person standing on the steps appears as a dark figure underneath the lamp. There is a small group of people standing in front of the steps on the foreground side away from the rest of the large group. The building on the right side of the page is the only light coloured building in the area. The dark foreground is, made entirely of hatched and vertical lines. The background behind the buildings is made of a series of hatched vertical lines as well, but these are closer together and darker. There is no borderline around the outside edge of the image. The image edges are instead made of vertical lines ending roughly in a straight line. Centered underneath the image is the text: “JPENNELL DEL CHARTRES FRANCE” [caps].