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                                                        WORKS BY ARTHUR SYMONS.

                                                                   AMORIS VICTIMA:
                                                                            A POEM.
                                                                  I. Amoris Victima.
                                                                  II. Amoris Exsul.
                                                                  III. Amor Triumphans.
                                                                  IV. Mundi Victima.
                                                                                                               [Ready on Jan. 21st, 1897. Price 6S. net.

                                                       STUDIES IN TWO LITERATURES.
                                  I. Studies in the Elizabethan Drama (Shakespeare, Massinger, Day).
                                  II. Studies in Contemporary Literature (Christina Rossetti, William Morris, Walter Pater,
                       Modernity in Verse, A Note on Zola’s Method).
                                  III. Notes and Impressions (Richard Jefferies, James Thomson, Thomas Gordon Hake,
                      R. L. Stevenson, J. A. Symonds, Théophile Gautier, Théodore de Banville, Henry Murger,
                      Benjamin Constant, Guy de Maupassant, Leconte de Lisle, Catulle Mendès, Anatole France,
                      Huysmans as a Mystic).
                                                                                                         [Ready on February 5th, 1897. Price 6S. net.

                                                                    LONDON NIGHTS.
                                                       Second Edition, Revised with a new Preface.                                [In the press.
                                    (A few Large Paper copies of the First Edition remain. Price One Guinea each.)

                                                           Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged.                                   [Out of print.
                                            (A few Large Paper copies remain. Price One Guinea each.)

                                                                         In Preparation.
                                                     THE DECADENT MOVEMENT IN

                                                       Paul Verlaine.
                                                       The Goncourts.
                                                       J. K. Huysmans.
                                                       Villiers de l’Isle-Adam.
                                                       Maurice Maeterlinck.


                                              A BOOK OF FIFTY DRAWINGS
                                                      AUBREY BEARDSLEY

                        LEONARD SMITHERS
                        ROYAL ARCADE.

A Book of Fifty Drawings. By AUBREY
    BEARDSLEY. With an Iconography of the Artist’s

    Demy 4to, bound in scarlet cloth extra, with cover design by Mr. Beardsley. Edition (500 copies) printed
on Imitation Japanese Vellum, 10s. 6d. net per copy; 50 copies printed on Imperial Japanese Vellum,
£2 2s. net per copy. Illustrated prospectus gratis and post-free on application. [Ready in December.

    This Album of Drawing will comprise, in addition to several hitherto unpublished designs, a selec-
tion by Mr. Beardsley of his most important published work (“Morte Darthur,” “Salome,” “Rape of
the Lock,” “Yellow Book,” “Savoy,” etc.). The volume will be of additional interest to the Artist’s
many admirers from the fact that the plates will in most cases be reproduced from the original drawings,
with due regard to their size and technique, thus preserving many delicate features which have been,
to a great extent, lost by the treatment the drawings received on their first publication. The frontispiece
is a reproduction of the latest photograph of Mr. Beardsley.

    Application for the Japanese Vellum Edition should be made at once, as the edition is already
partially exhausted. The Japanese Vellum Edition of “Rape of the Lock” is quite out of print, and
selling at an advanced price.


                                                      THE SAVOY.
                                                      EDITED BY ARTHUR SYMONS.

        No. I. JANUARY, 1896. 170 pages, 18 full-page Illustrations, and
                                             5 Illustrations in the Text.

    No. I. contains literary contributions by G. Bernard Shaw, Frederick Wedmore, Paul Verlaine, Max
Beerbohm, Ernest Dowson, Aubrey Beardsley, Havelock Ellis, W. B. Yeats, Rudolf Dircks, Mathilde
Blind, Joseph Pennell, Humphrey James, Selwyn Image, and the Editor. The illustrations include work
by Charles H. Shannon, Charles Conder, Joseph Pennell, Louis Oury, W. Rothenstein, F. Sandys, J.
McNeil Whistler, Max Beerbohm, Jacques E. Blanche, J. Lemmen, and Eleven Drawings by Aubrey
    Crown 4to, bound in pictorial cover, 2s. 6d. net.

        No. 2. APRIL, 1896. 202 pages, and 20 full-page Illustrations.

    No. 2. includes a story entitled “A Mere Man” (by a new writer) and literary contributions by Cesare
Lombroso (“A Mad Saint”), Paul Verlaine (“My Visit to London”), Edmund Gosse, W. B. Yeats,
Havelock Ellis (“Friedrich Nietzsche”), Frederick Wedmore, Selwyn Image, Ernest Dowson, John Gray,
Vincent O’Sullivan, Leila Macdonald, Aubrey Beardsley, and the Editor. The illustrations include work
by Joseph Pennell, C. H. Shannon, W. T. Horton, W. Rothenstein, Ph. Caresme, Albert Sterner, W.
Sickert, J. Lemmen,Max Beerbohm, and Aubrey Beardsley. Printed at the Chiswick Press.
    Crown 4to, bound in new pictorial cover, 2s. 6d. net.

        No. 3. JULY, 1896. 103 pages, and 9 full-page Illustrations.

    No. 3. contains a story, “Anthony Garstun’s Courtship,” by Hubert Crackanthorpe, the first of three
articles on “William Blake and his Illustrations to the Divine Comedy,” by W. B. Yeats, with important
unpublished drawings by Blake, the second of three articles on Friedrich Nietzsche by Havelock Ellis,
and literary contributions by George Moore, Edward Carpenter, Ernest Dowson, R. Mathieu-Wierz-
binski, Edgar Prestage, Aubrey Beardsley, and the Editor. The illustrations include work by William
Blake,C. H. Shannon, Max Beerbohm, and Aubrey Beardsley.
    Crown 4to, bound in new pictorial wrapper, 2s.

        No. 4. AUGUST, 1896. 94 pages, and 9 full-page Illustrations, and
                                             2 Illustrations in the Text.

    No. 4 contains the first part of a phantasy, “Beauty’s Hour,” by Mrs. Shakespear, the second article
on William Blake (with 4 Illustrations) by W. B. Yeats, the third article on Nietzsche, by Havelock
Ellis, and literary contributions by Emile Verhaeren (translated by Osman Edwards), Ernest Dowson
George Morley, Ford Maddox, Lionel Johnson, Rudolph Dircks, and the Editor. The Illustrations
include work by Blake, Joseph Pennell, T. R, Way, Charles Conder, W. T. Horton, and Aubrey Beardsley.
    Crown 4to, bound in new pictorial wrapper, 2s.

        No. 5. SEPTEMBER, 1896. 92 pages, and 8 full-page Illustrations.

    No. 5. contains the conclusion of the phantasy, “Beauty’s Hour,” by Mrs. Shakespear, the third and
concluding article on William Blake (with 3 Illustrations) by W. B. Yeats, and literary contributions by
Theodore Wratislaw, Ernest Rhys, Sarojini Chattopâdhyây, Ernest Dowson, Gabriel Gillet, Jean Moréas,
Bliss Carman, and Editor. The illustrations include work by Blake, Botticelli, Womrath, Mrs.
Dearmer, and Aubrey Beardsley.
    Crown 4to, bound in new pictorial wrapper, 2s.


        No. 6. OCTOBER, 1896. 95 pages, and 10 full-page Illustrations.

    No. 6. contains “The Idiots” a story by Joseph Conrad, “Concerning Jude the Obscure” by Have-
lock Ellis, a story by the author of “A Mere Man,” and literary contributions by Edith M. Thomas,
Theodore Wratislaw, Ernest Dowson, O. G. Destrée, and the Editor. The Illustrations include work by
Aubrey Beardsley, Phil May, Ch. Eisen, W. T. Horton, W. B. Macdougall, and D. G. Rossetti.
    Crown 4to, bound in new pictorial wrapper, 2s.

        No. 7. NOVEMBER, 1896. 92 pages, and 9 full-page Illustrations.

    No. 7. contains “Morag of the Glen” a story by Fiona Macleod, “Casanova” and an essay by Havelock
Ellis, and literary contributions by Aubrey Beardsley, Osman Edwards, W. B. Yeats, Ernest Dowson,
and the Editor. The Illustrations include work by Aubrey Beardsley, Jacques E. Blanche, W. T. Horton,
Fred Hyland, Mrs. Percy Dearmer, and A. K. Womrath.
    Crown 4to, bound in new pictorial wrapper, 2s.

        No. 8. DECEMBER, 1896. 92 pages, and 14 full-page                                                       Illustrations.

    The whole of the Literary Matter is by the Editor, and all the Illustrations are the work of Aubrey
    Crown 4to, bound in new pictorial wrapper, 2s.


    Artistic blue cloth cases, with elaborate cover design in gold by Aubrey Beardsley, to bins the com-
plete set of “THE SAVOY,” in three volumes, can now be supplied at 2s. 6d. net per volume.

    The complete set of “THE SAVOY,” bound in three volumes, in blue cloth as above, is offered for
sale at ONE GUINEA net.


La Chartreuse de Parme. By STENDHAL (Henri
        Beyle). Now first translated by E. P. ROBINS.

    Illustrated with 32 Etchings by G. Mercier, from designs by N. Foulquier, and Portrait of the Author.
Now ready in Three Volumes, Post 8vo, printed on Dickinson’s Antique Paper, artistic binding, £I Is.
net per copy. Special Edition, printed on Van Gelder’s Hand-made Paper, £2 2s. net per copy; and
Edition de Luxe, printed on Imperial Japanese Vellum, with Etchings in Two States, one pulled on
Japanese Vellum, and one on Pure Vellum, £5 5s net per copy.                                                    [Now Ready.

    The Publisher feels that the production of the first English translation of this famous novel, one of
the masterpieces of French literature of the present century, needs very little in the way of introduction
or explanation. the author, a contemporary of Balzac-who described him as “an immense genius,”
and pronounced “La Chartreuse de Parme” his masterpiece-though not generally recognized at his true
value during his lifetime, could say with a confidence which has justified itself: “I shall be understood in
1880;” for, as Bourget has justly observed; “We now speak casually of Balzac and Stendhal, as we
speak of Hugo and Lamartine, Ingres and Delacriox.”


Self-Seekers. A Novel by ANDRÉ RAFFALOVICH.
                                                                          [In the Press.

A Book of Bargains. Stories of the Weird and
        Fantastic. By VINCENT O’SULLIVAN. With Frontis-
        piece designed by AUBREY BEARDSLEY.
    Crown 8vo size, bound in cloth extra, 4s. net per copy.                  [Now Ready.



                        BY MAX

Caricatures of Twenty-five Gentlemen. By
        MAX BEERBOHM. With an Introduction by L.

    Edition of 500 copies, printed on Art Paper, Crown 4to, bound in a blue cloth extra, with special cover
design by the artist. price 10s. 6d net per copy. There will also be a Special Issue of Twenty-five
Copies with the Caricatures coloured by the hand of the Artist. Price £ £2 2s. net per copy.         [Now Ready.

The Prince of Wales.
The Earl of Rosebury.
Henry Labouchere, M. P.
A. W Pinero.
Richard Le Gallienne.
A. J. Balfour, M. P.
Frank Harris.
Lord William Nevill.
Rudyard Kipling.
Sir W. Vernon Harcourt, M. P.
Aubrey Beardsley.
Robert S. Hichens.
Henry Chaplin, M. P.
Henry Harland.
George Alexander.
The Duke of Cambridge.
Marquis of Queensberry.
The Warden of Merton.
Joseph Chamberlain, M. P.
George Bernard Shaw.
Sir George Lewis.
George Moore.
The Marquis of Graanby.
Beerbohm Tree.



La Fille aux Yeux d’Or. Translated from the
        French of Honoré de Balzac by ERNEST DOWSON,
        and Illustrated with Six Designs by CHARLES

    Five Hundred Copies, Royal 8vo size, bound in blue cloth extra, with glit cover design. Price 12s. 6d.
net per copy.
                                                                                                                                  [Now Ready

    An attempt has been made to produce an edition worthy of the reputation of one of the most famous
productions of Balzac. Attention is directed to the method pursued in producing the illustrations, viz.,
wood engraving, which it is hoped will be a welcome change from the cheap photographic processes now
so much in vogue.



                                    IN PREPARATION: READY IN JANUARY, 1897.
The Novels of Honoré de Balzac. The
        First Issue will consist of “SCENES OF
        PARISIAN LIFE.” In Eleven Volumes.

     THE SCENES OF PARISIAN LIFE comprise “Splendours and Miseries,” “Cousin Bette,” “Cousin
Pons,” “History of the Thirteen,” “César Birotteau,” “The Civil Service,” “House of Nucingen,” and
“The Petty Bourgeois,” and are now for the first time COMPLETELY translated into English by competent
hands, and illustrated with a series of eighty-eight etchings after drawings by celebrated Parisian book-
illustrators, viz., G. Bussière, G. Cain, Dubouchet, L. E. Fournier, Lynch, A. Robaudi, and M. Vidal.
The volumes will be handsomely printed on deckle-edged paper, and bound in cloth extra. Price £4 4s.
per set of eleven volumes.

    There will be a special Edition de Luxe, printed on Imperial Japanese Vellum, with the etchings in
two states Before and After Remarqués. Price £8 8s. per set.

    This First Series will be followed at a brief interval by the remaining works of Balzac, and
Subscriptions may, if desired, be given for the entire “Comédie Humaine.”

    It is impossible to enter on a detailed criticism of Balzac’s novels. In them he scales every height and sounds
every depth of human character,- from the purity of the mysterious Seraphitus-Seraphita, cold and strange, like the
peaks of her northern Alps, to the loathsome sins of the Marneffes, whose deeds should find no calendar but that of
Hell. In the great divisions of his Comédie, the scenes of private and of public life, of the provinces and of the city,
in the philosophic studies, and in the Contes Drôlatiques, Balzac has built up a work of art which answers to a
medieval cathedral. There are subterranean places, haunted by the Vautrins and ‘Filles aux yeux d’or’; there are
the seats of the money-changers, where the Nucingens sit at the receipt of custom: there is a broad platform of
every-day life, where journalists intrigue, where love is sold for hire, where splendours and miseries abound,
where peasants cheat their lords, where women betray their husbands; there are the shrines where pious ladies
pass saintly days; there are the dizzy heights of thought and rapture, whence falls a ray from the supernatural light of
Swedenborg; there are lustful and hideous grotesques of the Contes Drôlatiques. Through all swells like the
organ-tone, the ground-note and mingled murmur of Parisian life. The qualities of Balzac are his extraordinary range
of knowledge, observation, sympathy, his steadfast determination to draw every line and shadow of his subject, his keen
analysis of character and conduct. Balzac holds a more distinct and supreme place in French fiction than perhaps
any English author does in the same field of art. -Encyclopaedia Brittannica.


The Pierrot of the Minute. A Dramatic
        Phantasy by ERNEST DOWSON. Illustrated with
        Frontispiece, Initial Letter, Vignette, and Cul-de-
        Lampe by AUBREY BEARDSLEY.

    Three Hundred Copies, Crown 4to, price Seven Shillings and Sixpence net per copy. Also
Twenty-five Copies printed on Imperial Japanese Vellum, price One Guinea net per copy.
Mr. Beardsley’s designs in this volume are amongst the most charming which have come from
his pen.                                                                                                                      [Ready in January, 1897.


The Rape of the Lock. By ALEXANDER POPE.
        Illustrated by AUBREY BEARDSLEY.

    Édition de Luxe of the above famous Poem, printed at the Chiswick Press, in Crown 4to size, on old
style paper, illustrated with nine elaborate drawings by MR. AUBREY BEARDSLEY, and bound in a specially
designed cloth cover. Limited edition, price Ten Shillings and Sixpence net per copy. Twenty-five copies
on Japanese Vellum, at Two Guineas net per copy.                                                    [Large Paper edition out of print.



Nocturnes and Pastorals. Poems by A. BERNARD

    Four Hundred copies on Large Post 8vo deckle-edged paper, bound in dark green cloth, at Five
Shillings net per copy. Printed at the Chiswick Press.


Caprices. Poems by THEODORE WRATISLAW.

    One Hundred copies on Foolscap 8vo hand-made paper, bound in parchment, at Five Shillings net
per copy; and 20 copies on Japanese Vellum in similar binding, at One Guinea net per copy.



    Two Hundred and Fifty Small Paper copies on Foolscap 8vo deckle-edged paper, bound in cream-
coloured art linen, at Five Shillings net per copy; and 10 copies printed on copies printed on Japanese Vellum, at One
Guinea net per copy. Printed at the Chiswick Press.



    Three Hundred Small copies on hand-made paper, Imperial 16mo, bound in Japanese Vellum,
with cover design by AUBREY BEARDSLEY, at Six Shillings net per copy; and 30 Large Paper copies
printed on Japanese Vellum, at One Guinea net per copy. Printed at the Chiswick Press.


The Life and Times of Madame Du Barry.

    A limited edition in one volume, with a portrait of Madame Du Barry finely engraved upon wood,
394 pages, Demy 8vo, bound in blue cloth with armorial cover design by AUBREY BEARDSLEY, at Sixteen
Shillings net per copy.

    Mr. Douglas has produced a volume every line of which I read with keen interest. It is a singularly vivid and
life-like picture of what life in the old French Court was like; and the portrait of the central figure of the book is
very clear and very telling.”- MR. T. P. O’CONNOR in the Weekly Sun.

    At a time when the book-market is flooded with translations of forgotten and apocryphal French Memoirs, it is
something to meet with a newly-published biography of a French celebrity which is what it pretends to be…. and
is a book of fascinating interest.” -Daily News.


The Fool and his Heart; being the plainly told
    Story of Basil Thimm. A Novel by F. NORREYS CONNELL, Author of
    In the Green Park,” “The House of the Strange Woman,” etc.

    In one volume, Crown 8vo, bound in art linen, price Six Shillings.
            Circulars of any of the above Books will be sent on application to



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