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Image is of a group of young girls playing jump rope outside. Two girls turn the rope, each of them standing near a tree with other girls huddled around each end of the rope. The focal point of the image is a girl in a dress and apron with black hair, her hair moving as she is mid-jump. A blonde girl, also wearing a dress and apron, is mid-step looking back at the game, suggesting she has just jumped out of the rope. The girls turning the rope are dressed in long skirts and tunics, suggesting they may be older than the girls in aprons. The girl holding the left end of the rope is wearing striped stockings and shoes. The rope is at the top of its spin, and at its highest point the rope breaks the black bounding box that otherwise encapsulates the image. In the background we see that the area is wooded with a dark canopy. The ground is grassy and some girls are barefoot. The image is drawn in thick, black strokes with minor facial detail. In the bottom right of the image we see the artist’s mark: a white M in a black circle. The image is in landscape orientation.