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Image is of a woman standing slightly right to the centre of the image. The woman is dressed in long black and white robes with an embroidered sleeve. The robes reach up and wrap loosely around her neck. Her dark hair is parted in the centre and tucks into her robes at her neck. In her hands she is holding a white box. Behind her are two windows, the left is open and the right is stained glass. The one on the left shows three male figures. The males appear to be soldiers, and each one is carrying a flag. The one flag that is visible depicts an image of a white boat on a black background. The stained-glass window on the right is a decorated piece with a stag inside of a shield. The stained-glass is contained within a border of circles. The author’s initials are towards the bottom right corner of the image. “Hare Sc” is in the bottom right corner. The image is vertically displayed.